You can play the following free slot machine games in demo mode at our recommended casinos. At Slotsquad, we review the latest online slots and best new games by looking at theme, features, pay lines, payout rates, pay tables and jackpots. If that wasn’t enough, we check out graphics, gameplay and how well they work on your mobile phone.

By playing free casino slot games, we can get a good idea of the game and its bonuses. We can spin reels just for fun without betting real money and whether or not we like what’s on offer. In addition, if players wish to play for real money, our reviews show you examples of how much you can win playing.

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10 Things to look out for when choosing new online slots

10 things to look out for when choosing new online slots

1. Pay Lines

I’ll start with pay lines. If you’re looking to play new slots for real money it’s all about the pay lines. That’s what controls the pay table and how much it is to spin the game. The difference between lots of pay lines and less pay lines is betting value. This can affect your budget, the pay outs and how much you can win.

With new slot reviews we look at pay lines and how developers weave them into their latest casino games. We’ve come along way since fruit machines and lining up 3 symbols on one line, now you can bet on hundreds of pay lines. But you’ll pay for it. We’re looking for the newest slots that find the right balance, and we’ll tell you if we do.

The number of pay lines controls how an online slot pays out winnings

The rule with slot pay lines is this: The more pay lines, the bigger the bet (how much to spin) but the greater the chance of winning. But then you need to look at the pay table, because you want to be winning more than you’re betting.

Online slots can feature from as little as 10 pay lines or as many as thousands! We’re always on the lookout for new games with extra-ordinary pay lines.

2. Pay Table

Pay tables can be very clever and technically advanced mathematical creatures, but they’re still just pay tables. When we’re looking at new online slots it’s important to look at the games pay table. A pay table tells you how much you can win on the pay lines that we talked about above.

Slot pay tables inform players how much they can win lining up symbols

But get this. Pay tables are clever because some of the prizes are smaller than your total bet in coins. This is normal, but sometimes there’s a high number of these small prizes. So while the pay table looks busy with lots of symbols, only some of them will pay out more than what your bet will cost.

An example. You’re playing a 20 pay line slot at £2.00 a spin and you win by lining up 3 x cherry symbols. You’re bet was 20 x coins at 10p a coin costing £2.00 a spin. Your prize is 3 x coins meaning a win of £0.30. It’s a win yes, but you’re down £1.70 on the bet you placed.

That’s why I’m adamant that when looking to play new slot games, you should always check out the pay table. In our new slot reviews we’ll show you examples of the pay table in action.

3. Graphics and Gameplay

Games can be enjoyable, boring or just somewhere in the middle. Advanced HTML 5 and other software has made it possible for the latest online slots to become more like video games. Graphics and gameplay isn’t always everything, but it’s worth considering because 9 times out of 10 you’ll be paying to play new slots.

Online casinos try to focus more on entertainment than gambling, but they’re essentially the same thing when your pockets are involved. We like to look out for new online slots that look good and offer decent gameplay. If they’re rubbish, have crap graphics and are boring. It’s likely the developer isn’t reputable and that’s not worth anyone’s money.

Understanding how a casino game works is very important, that’s when free slot machine games can help out. Most developers and associated casinos offer demo play so we can test online slots before betting real money. This is the best way to get to grips with gameplay and it’s how we review new titles.

4. Mobile Responsive Gameplay

Some of the latest casino slots you can’t play on your mobile. That’s ridiculous considering that most players will use their smartphone or a tablet device to find new slots, therefore making them new mobile slots by default.

That’s why we flip games open in mobile view too. I’m talking responsiveness. So how do these new online slots play on your mobile, do they work with all operating systems and do they still look good on the small screen. Our newest slot reviews will include details on mobile responsiveness, quite simply, yes or no. If it’s no, we don’t want to know.

Plus if you’re unsure, just read our mobile casino reviews and you’ll find the best slot sites with the most responsive games. We’ve already looked!

5. How Much to Play?

Not important? Wrong. Do not overlook spin cost. It doesn’t matter if you’re a high roller or someone betting at 1p a coin. We should always know how much it is to spin and play new online slot games. It’s one of the first things I look for and generally it can be anything from 10p to £1,000 a spin.

So why do I look at “how much it is to play new slots”? Ok, let me try to explain. If a games got lots of pay lines, entertainment value, features and high coin levels. That same entertaining game could draw me in, keep me spinning and looking for the features with those high coins. What I’ve not considered is spin cost first, and i’m losing lots on every spin while engrossed in the game.

Some of the latest slot games include features that work around connection and collection. We’re talking levels, levels like a video game. Now if I’m playing a slot like this, I want to be playing at low spin cost to keep it safe. Unless I’m a high roller. If it’s a small pay table, a simple fruit machine with 9 fruits and no features. I would expect to pay more and could probably keep better track of my betting habits and associated cost.

At you’ll find us saying things like 10p slot or 20p slots game. That’s because we focus on value for playability, or the lowest bet you can make. It also tells us what type of player the developer is aiming for, is this new slot for high rollers or for everybody else. Or better still, everyone. Some online slots sit better with different budgets, so we’ll try to tell you that.

6. Jackpot

Let’s face it, this is why we play the best new slots and we want to know how much the jackpot pays out. If like me you walked around the arcade looking at fruit machines, you would always look at the jackpot. It’s the same with latest casino games. Not just how much can you win? But what is the most you can win?

In our newest slot reviews we include examples of the jackpot. I get tired of trying to work out pay tables, coin value and total win. It’s not easy, it takes brain power and I think is designed to be confusing. But the jackpot is always worth looking at, especially with new slot games.

You can often find jackpots listed next to games at some online casinos

If you can find a game with a low spin cost and a high jackpot, it’s a good bet. On the other hand, a game with a high bet and a low jackpot is worth avoiding. That’s why we look at jackpots.

Big payouts are critical when it comes to choosing an online casino. See our reviews for the top UK casinos based on jackpots and prizes.

7. New Online Slot Features

No new slot should be without its features. Unless of course it’s a fruit machine slot or classic and that’s to be expected. But the newest casino games should be looking to impress players with clever and rewarding features.

What you’ll also find is repetition, lots of it. It’s true. Developers like to rehash their work and create games with different “coats” that decorate old gaming models. It’s frustrating to see this happening everywhere. So we jump on it. But it’s not all bad and granted it takes a long time to make something completely fresh, we want to see how innovative developers can be and even if that means using old features.

Some features can also be complicated and in-depth, or as I prefer to label them, “expensive for a betting man or woman”. When we review the latest slots you’ll find simple explanations on how they work and what they can do for you. So don’t forget to look out for the features, they can often break up the routine that comes with spinning reels.

Another fact! If you’re going to win, you’re biggest wins will normally come from the slots features.

See our guide on the 12 online slot features that help you win most.

8. Game Layout

It’s a bit boring this one, but important. So why look at game layout? Because it is gameplay, it’s the bulk of the design and it’s how you control the game. Most importantly, it’s how we understand the game.

New online slots should be all over game layout and looking to improve it where possible. You should not be getting confused with the latest casino games and how to play them and it shouldn’t be difficult to find the pay table etc.

You’ll find the best new slots have solid and simple game layouts. You can find the features and pay table information, see the pay lines and control betting amounts without a second thought. When I review new slot games, that’s what I’m looking at first. If the games good, it’s likely the layout is also good. Winning amounts too, we can’t forget them. I want to see how much I’ve actually won, not coin value. A good game layout and model will do all of this for you.

9. Game Rules and Payout Rate

Everybody forgets this one. But truth be told, not many players look for it. And not surprising when you know how difficult it is to find. Game rules can be found by clicking on a very small question mark that is located somewhere around the slots frame. Normally at the top.

It’s always worth looking at the game rules for any new online slot. They’re often clear and direct with how they explain things and how everything works. The better the explanation, the better the game. You can often find the slots payout rate RTP (return to player percentage) here too, but not always.

They say the higher the payout rate the better the game, but that’s not true. RTP works out of 100% and is normally between 93.0% and 98.2% for some of the highest payouts. It means that this percent out of 100 will be returned to the player, but that’s not me or you. It’s everyone and it’s over hundreds, thousands and even hundreds of thousands of revolutions or game cycles.

So why look at payout rate? It’s essentially the house edge, and while higher is said to be best. I would look at the cost to play, how RTP changes with increased bets (If it does) and the amount of coins in the jackpot. What’s the point of having a high payout rate with a small pay table that costs 50 pay lines to play. That’s why we keep things simple. Our new online slot reviews will show you how much you can win. With both the biggest and smallest bets you can make on that game.

10. Where to Play the Best New Slots

We don’t just find the best new slots and the latest casino games, we find out where to play them with the best UK slots bonuses and welcome offers. Also, by looking for sites with free casino slot games, we can play new slots in demo mode.

On every slot review you’ll find a recommended casino to go with it. That means we’ve selected that site based on trust, it holds a UK gambling license and it’s got a welcome bonus worth signing up for. It also means that the website gets regular new slots, has entertainment value and a good membership.

Our slot bonuses page shows you some of the latest offers now trending.