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We’ve had an argument at Slotsquad HQ, do we really care about fairies in slot games? It was flagged up recently that Goldwyn’s Fairies was the latest slots game to feature the imaginary creatures in their poky and pretty form. It’s a new developer too, named appropriately, Just for the Win. But what about the losses? We’re hitting Guts online casino to see if there’s any truth to this fairytale.

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Goldwyn’s Fairies Slot

It’s a new developer, and it’s a new slots game. In fact, it’s their first slots game. Just for the Win couldn’t be any more to the point. With a company name like that who are they trying to fool, and why just fairies. I believe it’s all down to Wild magic, or more so the magic that manages wilds.

Goldwyn's Fairies Slot and current UK Casino Bonus

If you want to read the full review for Goldwyn’s Fairies – click here. If you don’t, please stay and read a snippet. I say Wild magic above because Just for the Win use Wild symbols to the max in their debut development. It’s Wild central station. Wilds that make wins, Wilds that Re-Spin, Wilds that free spin.

Pay Table and RTP for Goldwyns Fairies

But there’s an issue! Goldwyn’s Fairies is a 10p slot that offers bets up to £250 a spin; now the high rollers are listening. The problem for me though is the games pay table. It’s been kept small to the scale of a fairy; the wins came little and not so often when we played. While the new slots biggest selling point “Returning Wilds’ look like de-badged sticky wilds. Because of this, playability can be hampered by mini-wins.

On the plus side, the Goldwyn’s Fairies slot is enchantingly good looking. It’s how new slot games should look in 2017. It’s also nifty on controls and very easy to play. Yet we don’t care about fairies? That was the original argument. We care about pay lines, the ‘how you can win playing’ parts and the payout rate RTP.

At 96% RTP (early days) the payout rate for this game is below rival games from NetEnt. In terms of the ‘how you can win playing’ bits it’s pretty much ‘pausing’ the reels using Wild software rules. In other words, you’ll find it boring if you want in depth multi-win functionality. Anything good? Yes, you can cover 20 pay lines for 10p. Worse? The pay table for that 10p is ruthless. Think top wins at 25 x your line bet. That could still buy you a fairy sized mansion.

Where to play it

So where to play Just for the Win Goldwyn’s Fairies, how much to play with. Firstly, because of that pay table, we recommend keeping clear of high rolling slot bets. So we don’t need the big deposit or the silly deposit bonus with the sillier terms and conditions. So we choose Casino to play this game.Guts is a great slots site with lots of new games.

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