If you’re a member of at least one online casino, you’ll be familiar with the various methods provided to allow you to deposit cash into your account. You’ve got the likes of PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Neteller and many others; the exact range depends on the casino you choose.

Boku is a popular pay by phone deposit method at mobile casinos

But there’s another possibility you may not have come across yet, and that’s Boku. We predict the Boku deposit method will become more popular as word gets out about its benefits, especially for casino players who tend to access mobile casinos rather than the desktop versions. In fact, if you already use one or more mobile casinos, you’ve probably already heard of it. But even if this is the case, do you know what it is and what it has to offer?

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We’ve done some research into the popular mobile deposit method Boku! is it any good?
With that in mind, we’ve done some research into Boku. We’ve found out what it is, how to use it and whether or not it represents a good alternative method to use to deposit money into your casino account. So with that in mind, let’s dive in.

What exactly is Boku?

It’s probably best described as a way to send or deposit money using your mobile. It’s important to note it isn’t a method that is only offered at online casinos. You may well start seeing it offered elsewhere too, particularly on sites that have a strong mobile presence and audience. It does make sense to pair the two together, as you’ll see shortly.

Example of mobile casino deposit using Boku payment method

The idea is you can pay by phone to deposit and complete the transaction in mere moments. Since you already have a mobile phone, you’ve got the one thing you need to make a deposit into your casino account, providing, of course, your casino offers this method. And as it turns out, plenty of them do.

How does Boku work?

The idea is you pay (or in this case, make your deposit) via your mobile phone number. You only have to actually enter your phone number the first time you use the Boku pay-by-phone method. Once you’ve entered it, your number is saved and future payments will automatically be associated with your specific number.

Once that part of the process is dealt with (it doesn’t appear to take long at all), you can choose the amount you want to transfer into your account at your chosen casino. The most you can deposit by Boku in a day is £30.

Example of mobile casino deposit using Boku
Carrier billing is a technology that enables mobile users to make payments to third parties (casinos) through their monthly phone bill or pre-paid credit.
In case you’re wondering where the money actually comes from, it will be associated with your mobile phone account. The way this works will depend on the kind of plan you’re on. For instance, let’s say you have a pay-as-you-go deal.

In this case, whatever you choose to transfer into your casino account to play with will be taken from your remaining pay-as-you-go balance. So if, for example, you have £30 credit on your phone, you can pay up to that amount into your casino account.

Remember, there is a maximum daily limit of £30 in place for Boku payments. However, if you only have £10 in credit on your phone, this would be the maximum payment you could make via Boku unless you topped up your credit balance first. But since you are already familiar with how to do that, it’s very easy to make sure you have the appropriate balance for your needs ahead of paying with Boku.

The daily maximum deposit using Boku is £30, this might frighten away the high rollers but welcome the safe players!

In the case of a monthly plan, any transfers you make via Boku will be added onto your monthly bill. In this case, let’s say you have a £35 per month plan with your mobile phone provider. If you were to make a £10 payment via Boku, your next bill would be £45. If you made three separate £20 payments in a month, your next bill would be £95, and so on. So in a sense, the transfer amount is achieved straightaway, and you settle the bill with your mobile provider later on.

Why do some casino players choose to pay by Boku?

Some deposit methods are used by most, if not all, online casinos. Think of Visa and Mastercard, for example; you’ll see these virtually everywhere. But what if you don’t have a credit card? What if you don’t like any of the online payment processors, and the method you want to use isn’t accepted? Additionally, plenty of people are still unsure about sharing their bank details with online websites – even those with very good security. These concerns are often magnified when it comes to paying via a mobile phone.

Players can look in the footer of a casino site to see if Boku is accepted

This is where we think Boku will prove to be a good alternative, especially since more and more online casinos have a mobile version you can enjoy as well as the regular desktop one. It makes sense to be able to safely deposit cash into your account via the same device you’re going to play the games on, doesn’t it?

Which mobile phone providers are integrated with Boku?

This is a popular question people have regarding Boku and its compatibility with UK network providers. Boku is working hard to bring more providers and merchants on board, so while most of the big providers are already associated with Boku, you should check to see if yours is accepted. Major networks including O2, EE, 3 and Vodafone all appear to be fine, along with the other big-name mobile providers. However, we’ve read about some potential issues with some other networks, although these seem to be smaller providers.

Best Casinos that accept Boku

At present, the list is pretty small. However, we would expect that to change in due course. As such, you shouldn’t treat the list below as exhaustive – it merely represents a few of those available and what we think are the best Boku casinos.

Pros and cons to using Boku

As with all kinds of payment processors, there are advantages and disadvantages to using Boku. To make it easier for you to access the information you need, we’ve listed the pros and cons in separate sections below.

What are the advantages?

Well, for starters, it is certainly quick and easy. Even the initial setup process doesn’t take long, since the only thing you need is your UK mobile number and your phone. Once that’s done, it takes just a few seconds to make a payment into your casino account each time you need to do so.

This is also a great method to use if you don’t have a credit card and you don’t want to use your bank account details. It’s also a secure payment method that relies on Direct Carrier Billing technology. Essentially, it’s a fast payment method for you that plenty of mobile carriers are getting involved with.

You can deposit with Boku to play mobile roulette online!

It also doesn’t matter what make or model of phone you have. If you have a phone number associated with it – and we’re guessing you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this – you are just seconds away from depositing money so you can enjoy playing a variety of casino games.

Oh, and for those who can never remember passwords or PIN codes, Boku bypasses all that. Even if you can never remember your own phone number, you only need to remember it once to get started with Boku. After that, you only need to enter the amount to transfer before pressing submit. It’s that easy.

What are the disadvantages?

There has to be something, doesn’t there? The £30-a-day transfer limit will be a pain for some big-money players, that’s for sure. This limit is understandable, but it does mean those that want to deposit larger sums will have to find another method to use.

Additionally, you can’t transfer winnings back in the same manner. We’re not sure why you would want to, but it does mean setting up some other method to use for any withdrawals you’ll need to make.

It is also worth bearing in mind you could forfeit access to a welcome bonus if you decide to sign up to a mobile casino and make your first deposit using Boku. In other words, use some other method to make your initial deposit, and then consider using Boku to deposit in the future, instead.

Is it time to use Boku?

Only you can decide whether Boku is right for you. If you visit one or more mobile casinos, it could certainly save you time, offering a convenient and fast way to deposit money to play with.

On the other hand, if you’re a regular big-money player, this probably won’t be a method that will work for you. For our money, we think using Boku to play casino games will be ideal for the majority of small-bet players who only ever work with small budgets. Since plenty of mobile casinos have added Boku to their list of deposit methods, this is a name you’ll be seeing quite often from now on. And it’s likely to start popping up elsewhere online too. Soon, making payment via your mobile will be as natural as paying with cash used to be. Remember that?

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