Do you ever get bored with online slots? Fancy trying your luck spinning something other than reels? If so, the Playtech European roulette game at Betfred could be just the thing. You can spin the wheel and see where the ball lands, but only once you’ve placed one or more bets on the possible outcome. Online roulette at Betfred certainly provides you with a whole different betting experience.

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Betfred Mobile Roulette Introduction

Betfred online roulette is a mobile-friendly table game that has the classic European look and feel to it. If you haven’t tried online roulette before, it’s as good a place as any to start. Furthermore, the design is very easy to see and navigate on your mobile device, whether that’s a smartphone or a tablet. The game comes from the Playtech stable of games, which should give you confidence in how good it is to try.

Graphics and Playability

Betfred Mobile Casino offers two different roulette games, Premium and Classic European!
The graphics have been kept fairly straightforward for this Betfred online roulette machine. When it loads, you should see the bottom section of the table, featuring the higher numbers. You can then scroll to show the top section and the roulette wheel itself.

It’s pretty easy to work out how to play, too. Tap on the chip to the bottom-left of the screen to change its value from 1p to £25. When you’re happy, decide on your bet and tap on the appropriate place on the screen to place it. If you get it wrong, press clear one or clear table to remove it. Tap more than once on a spot to place more than one chip on it. You then just scroll to reach the wheel and tap ‘spin’ to get things moving.

The small box to the bottom-right of the wheel shows you a close-up of the portion of the wheel the ball lands in. This is just one feature that makes this Betfred European roulette game very user-friendly for mobiles.

Payout Table and Helpful Information

At the top of the screen next to the home button, you’ll see a letter ‘i’. You can tap this to get information on how to play the game and to see the relevant paytable. This reveals each bet type and the numbers each one covers. It also reveals the payout on each one if you get lucky. You’ll probably know the red, black, odd, even, low and high bets, but everything else is included and described here as well. The payouts vary from 1:1 all the way to 35:1 for a straight bet on a single number.

This Betfred online roulette machine is particularly good for beginners, as the various numbers and betting areas of the table are clear to see. Scrolling up and down the table to see the wheel and all the betting options could be a bit tiresome, but it’s easy enough once you’re familiar with what to do.

Betfred Mobile Roulette Features

When you play roulette at, you have four controls to use at the bottom of the screen. These are the chip value button, clear table, clear one and spin from left to right. We’ve already covered the chip value feature. If you want to clear all your bets from the last spin, tap on clear table. Clear one will just get rid of the last chip bet you placed. If you press spin at the foot of the screen, you will automatically be taken to the wheel to see the result of that spin.

If you’re playing for fun – the ideal way to get the hang of this game – your fun balance is shown at the top of the screen. Your total bet is indicated on the left of the wheel, and if you win, the win amount is given just above the word ‘spin’ on the wheel itself.

Betting and Payout Rate

Well, you can see it’s easy to toggle between chip values to make this a penny roulette game if you like. This Playtech roulette game is designed to appeal to everyone though, with that top bet of £25 a time. Since you can place any number of chips on a particular part of the table, the range of bets available is very large indeed.

It looks as though the house edge here makes the return-to-player percentage 97.30%. That’s pretty good for a roulette game – some American versions tend to have a higher house edge than you see in European online roulette at Betfred. Just one more reason to give this one a go.

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Slotsquad Summary

Betfred high street roulette machines do attract customers on a daily basis. However, it’s easy to see why the online version is more accessible, even if you have a Betfred branch near you. You can literally have a game of roulette live in the palm of your hand whenever you want to play. You can’t deny the versatility, can you?