If you’re looking to play 10p online slots, then look no further. Goldwyn’s Fairies from developer Just for the Win brings an enchanting tale to UK slot sites across the land. It’s a new game from a very new developer, so it’s interesting to see what’s unique if anything at all. But that’s not the point; it’s tough to build new slot games that stand out because everyone’s copying each other. So let’s look at something else, how do you win playing Goldwyn’s Fairies.

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Goldwyn’s Fairies Game Introduction

We all like playing 10p slot games. It’s a relatively small investment for some potential big returns, and your money isn’t snorted up by the casino in large doses. But don’t get me wrong, the Goldwyn’s Fairies slot has much more to offer than 10p spins to conservative players like me and you. It’s got a betting range that reaches £250 a spin, that’s high roller slots territory!

Goldwyn’s Fairies offers 10p slots gameplay with the magic of Returning Wilds designed to build player suspense!
Entering into the fairy online slots genre, Goldwyn’s Fairies is a 20 pay line video slot from Just for the Win Games (JFTW). This new developer is working closely with Microgaming, so expect to see similar traits in content and design. You can play from 10p to £250 a spin, encounter free spins and look at annoyingly cute fairies while your money flutters away.

Looking at what you get for your 10p spin cost. Developer Just for the Win offers the free spins model with Wild substitutions and potential re-spins for added effect. Then you’ve got “returning wilds” to build player suspense.

Graphics and Playability

You might think that fairies and fluttering wings are for little girls, and they are. But in an online casino, it’s perfectly normal for adults hunting big wins and free spins to play with them too. It helps when you’ve got well-presented graphics, cheesy sound and smooth animation. Not to mention betting limits of 10p to £250 a spin, simple controls and easy to access information.

If you know how to play quickly, it’s a good game in our view. The Goldwyn’s Fairies online slot doesn’t take long to get familiar while “returning wilds” and re-spins offer fairy big wins! It’s a great looking game that offers 20 pay lines for just 10 coins (10p a spin) and excitable modest gameplay.

Slot Symbols and Pay Table

One of the gripes we have with Goldwyn’s Fairies is the pay table, and that’s because it is small. I know fairies are tiny, but the win values laid down didn’t need to be this poky. The higher value symbols are the four fairies with gemstones representing lower values. But the thing is, they’re all low values! 25 x your line bet for 5 x wilds is very unusual.

Let’s just hope we’re getting paid more with re-spins, free spins and wild returns. It was tough finding win amounts for the bonus symbols, but other slot review sites claim a 500 x line bet jackpot for this game. I didn’t see that information anywhere. I hope it’s true because fairies are hardly the most believable subject in the world right now.

Bonus Features

If you’re playing 10p online slots, you’re not normally expecting big wins at regular intervals. That’s because betting stakes at this level present very little return. I’m not saying we don’t have luck, but 10p spins don’t get much of that luck. If playing for £250 a spin, things begin to look up. But that’s because we’re paying for them to look up.

However, 10p slot games still have bonus games, and you can still win with these bonuses. So what does the Goldwyn’s Fairies online slot offer regarding “additional extras” to just low-value win lines?

The answer is Wild Symbols, Free Spins, Re-Spins and something particularly useful, Returning Wilds.


Unlike most new slot games we’ve seen so far in 2017, this one offers three Wild Symbols. But don’t be fooled, the classic Wild will help with win lines, but the other two are bonus triggers. So what are we looking at here, one Wild with two bonus symbols? All labelled wild and very confusing. But what about “returning wilds, the confusion never ends.

Re-Spin with Returning Wild

It’s all about the Re-Spin Wild, or another way of describing her, the Queen of the fairies. If you’re playing for real money, keep an eye on reel 3. The fairy queen appearing here awards the Re-Spin mode. So what do you get? As it says on the tin, you’ll be getting Re-Spins that continue until no more Re-Spin Wilds appear. To top it off, the Wilds return at the end in those positions to help boost winning line wins.

Free Spins with Returning Wild

As for Wilds and bonus games, you don’t get more confusing than Goldwyn’s Fairies. Let’s fight on; the Free Spins mode offers the standard free spin games concept only with additional payout power. You will trigger the free spins game with Goldwyn’s Fairies logos on reels 1, 3 and 5 consecutively. What follows is 10 free spins with sticky wilds if you like, then on the final free spin, those wilds come back to connect potential win lines.

The Goldwyn’s Fairies slot is incredibly low variance and caters for 10p online slots players. That said, the free spins game is your best bet of hitting something worth your bet. Be that, a very small bet.

More about Returning Wilds

The whole concept of this game is confusing, but don’t let that put off your 10p bet. If you can imagine a third component that glues together additional chances within each bonus, it’s called a Returning Wild. Both Re-Spin Games and Free Spins offer Wilds that stay marked, then at the end of the bonus, the Returning Wilds come back to fill those spaces. Instead of getting wins as you go through the bonus, developer Just for the Win saves it to the end.

So in theory, instead of getting multiple wins. You get just one win. That coupled with low pay table values mean the game is potentially off-putting to high roller slots players. Keep it to just 10p spins and you won’t be disappointed with the low variance on offer.

Betting, Jackpot and Payout Rate RTP

The RTP payout rate for Goldwyn’s Fairies is at 96% give or take 0.5% each side for early adjustments. While no information is obvious about the slots jackpot, other slot review sites confirm that you can win up to 500 x your line bet. We will need to investigate this claim further. As for betting limits, it’s a 10p slots game that extends to £250 a spin for high rollers. Caution, it’s low variance to the hilt with lots of inactivity and small wins when you’re in play. The highest payout value on the pay table is 25 x your line bet. That’s smaller than a fairies wing tip.

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Slotsquad Summary

It’s nice to see a new slots game developer in amongst it, but they could have done so much more. Granted, Just for the Win are not Net Ent, and Microgaming has clearly stepped back. But you can’t forgive fairy-sized pay tables or re-labelled sticky wilds, no matter how many times you’re calling them returning wilds. Still, it’s a new edition to the 10p online slots era, and you might just get lucky if willing to gamble a £250 spin. Think it’s original? you’re away with the fairies.