Ready for Halloween? Ready for a taste of some zombie online slots to get you in the mood? Right – how about a taste of the new Lost Vegas slot from Microgaming, one of the biggest developers in the business? Are you prepared to try it for size?

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Lost Vegas Slot Introduction

The Lost Vegas slot from Microgaming is a 5 x 3 online slot with two modes to play in. You can toggle between playing as survivors or zombies by clicking on the message just to the right of the title at the top of your screen.

Microgaming fans will love this Halloween zombie slot, with two modes of play including survivor mode.Adam Dale - Slotsquad
There’s a good reason to switch between them too, but more about that in a moment. There aren’t too many slot games we can think of that give you two options to use in this sense, so this alone makes it stand out from the crowd.

This game is clearly latching on to the zombie thrills seen in a certain TV show at the moment. More than that, it’s Halloween soon, and who doesn’t love a scare at this time of year? The survivors are caught inside a casino (this is Vegas, after all) and the zombies are outside trying to get in. You decide which team you want to be on to start the game, choose your wager and click spin. Now let’s see what happens next…

Graphics and Playability

Play in survivor mode and the background is that of a deserted casino. The survivors are clearly trying to do that – survive – and you’ll see them trying to defend themselves on the reels. However, switch to zombie mode and you’ll find yourself outside the casino in the Lost Vegas Microgaming slot. There are all kinds of weird zombies wandering around on the reels there.

All your familiar controls are at the bottom, except for the slightly hard-to-spot paytable. More about that in a moment. It’s all quite straightforward, to be honest.

Symbols and Payout Table

See that tiny little ‘pays’ indicator on the right side of your screen? Click on that to reveal the paytable. This consists of six pages and reveals the scatter and wild symbols, not to mention other special features. It’s worth looking at to see which symbols apply to which mode of gameplay.

The wild is the Lost Vegas logo for the game. When it appears, it transforms to say ‘wild’, and automatically completes any potential winning lines for that combination. The scatter is an odd symbol that looks ominous on its own – rather appropriate given the idea behind the game itself.

Lost Vegas Slot Features

Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? At least this one looks like fun, thanks to Microgaming’s desire to provide us with Halloween zombie slots to enjoy. But what does it have to offer?

Well, there are free spins on offer for getting three scatter symbols. Survivor mode unlocks the Stash feature in your free spins. The A to 10 symbols (five of them) are removed with each spin and cash is put in your stash. You get however many spins you need to stash all the ‘royal’ symbols.

If you’re in zombie mode, you get free spins and an Infection feature. Get full height zombies on a reel and you’ll get stacked wilds on that reel as well. It also becomes infected (indicated by a red haze surrounding the reel). Here, you get as many spins as you need to turn all the reels wild. If you take 50 spins to do it, you’ll get a bonus!

But you don’t need to get to the free spins mode to enjoy a bonus here. The Blackout Bonus occurs in either mode of play. If you get a losing spin, the Blackout can randomly occur. Every high-valued symbol awards a cash prize. Find just one scatter in this bonus and you’ll trigger the free spins too.

There is also a Zombie Fist of Cash that can leap out of the screen at you at any point when you’re playing the main game. That might sound scary, but it’s something you will want to see, believe me. This is because the fist will indeed be holding some cash, and you never know what you might win. So watch out for that fist to appear and see if you can benefit from it.

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Betting and Payout Rate

You can get started with the Microgaming Lost Vegas online slot with just 30p in action per spin. There are other options available too – lots of ‘em – and that means the top-whack bet is £45.

The biggest single prize is 1,000x your bet, but the paytable reveals any one player could win up to 97,000 coins during play. Wouldn’t you love a slice of that?

Finally, the return-to-player looks to come out at between 95% – 96%, so that is reasonably respectable, although not the highest by any means.

Slotsquad Summary

If you hadn’t already guessed, we’re giving 10/10 to the Lost Vegas slot. We loved the fact it has two game modes, as it changes things up. The addition of different features in each one makes this game a no-brainer to play. Speaking of no brains… here comes a zombie! Arrgh!