Clover Link, The Next Level and Beyond, an Interview with APEX Gaming CEO Max Pessnegger

APEX Gaming knows a thing or two about building super slot machines and casino products. As the name suggests, the developer is at the summit of game design and creates everything from card shufflers to mobile slot games.

In this iGaming Q and A session, we find out how APEX Gaming gets the job done. As complicated as that may be, there are many parts to the process of making slot machines and building casino equipment, so who better to talk to than the best builders in the business. Talking with Apex Gaming CEO Max Pessnegger (pictured), we find out what it takes to be at the top of your game, when you’re making games!

Interview with APEX Gaming CEO Max Pessnegger

With excellent casino products under its belt, APEX has gone from strength to strength since incorporation in 2003. 2018 was their most successful year to date while the APEX Clover Link Jackpot Network is probably the best jackpot solution of its kind in the world. What makes this iGaming Q & A session most satisfying is that this company builds absolutely everything that a casino or casino website could ever need.

Let’s meet APEX Gaming and learn something new!

Q1. Thank you for talking to Slotsquad, it’s nice to meet APEX Gaming. Can you tell us a little bit about the company and how it’s become so good at making lots of different casino products, both offline and online?

The APEX Group of Companies is a premium manufacturer and operator of gaming solutions. Our gaming portfolio provides the best technology the market can offer combined with the imagination and dedication of games that appeal to practically every type of player.

APEX gaming provides complete gaming solutions for all applications, such as slot machines, jackpot islands, multiplayers, live gaming solutions and mobile gaming. We develop our solutions 100% ourselves – naturally including all our games. The EVO platform truly takes gaming to the next level – as we like to say ourselves – come and ‘see the difference’. With extensive operations in several countries, APEX gaming has its finger on the pulse to provide market-beating solutions.

APEX gaming is a privately-owned company, founded and continually managed by the owner and managing director, Mr. Johannes Weissengruber.

The global headquarters of APEX gaming are in Austria, in the town of Gutau in the state of Upper Austria.

The manufacturing base is in Budweis in the Czech Republic.

APEX by name – APEX by nature: The word APEX refers to the ‘summit’ or the ‘highest point’. Just like reaching the summit of a mountain, the ethos at APEX gaming is to reach the pinnacle of gaming – being one step ahead of the market by offering the very latest technology with the benefits for both players and operators in mind. The company logo of the pyramid underlines this strategy – the top of the pyramid is gold – which is – of course – the apex.

Since its incorporation in 2003, APEX gaming has grown to be an international company – both in terms of sales and operations. The operations side of the business is considerable. The management team has many years of experience gained from within the industry. This has resulted in an unbeatable product range, each a leader in its own division. 

Q2. The Pinnacle Black Series 24 upright is an original looking slot machine, how important is it to make casino games that stand out on the gaming floor? There’s lots of competition, especially over the vast acres of luxury casinos around the world.

The gaming market is very diverse, reflecting the different requirements, market segments and player needs around the world. We design our slot machines in this in mind. We look to make a statement with the design of our slots. The Pinnacle Black Series you refer to was created with all these factors in mind – that explains its success. Our Pinnacle range of slots is continually growing.

For the VIP player segment in casinos, we offer the Pinnacle VIP Premium Lounge. This represents the top-of-the-range slot machine from APEX gaming. This 43” curved screen portrays the great array of EVO games – both feature-rich and fruit-based. The gaming terminal includes all the technology required for a perfect gaming experience, including a 24” touchscreen monitor. The VIP seat is included in this solution.

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