The Best 888 Casino Slots in 2019 Ranked by Slotsquad

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Article updated Jan 2019

When I first wrote this article a number of years ago, I was looking to see which slots stood out at 888 Casino. If you’ve never played at before, it’s one of the big UK slot sites that doesn’t just use the mainstream software. This place has its own, and yes, they build their own games too.

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But let’s return to the question, what is the best slot to play at 888 Casino? And following that, what are the best 888 casino slots in 2nd, 3rd and 4th place?

How I’ve ranked the best slots at 888 Casino

At Slotsquad, it’s easy to sit and pick holes in casino games. We look for variety, entertainment and bonus power. I try to avoid repetition, slots that copy other slots and those slots that are boring. So with 888 slots, I’ll be applying that same judgement and using my skills to find their best ones.

I’m also going to tell you why they’re the best slots at 888 casino and how much you can win playing. But just so the title doesn’t confuse you, in the past provided me with two of their most popular games. Millionaire Genie and a Nightmare on Elm Street. And what’s fascinating, I’m going to include them both again.

Number 1 – Millionaire Genie

Slotsquad votes Millionaire Genie as the best 888 casino slot Play Now – Get £88 Free No Deposit Needed

Software: 888
Game Design: 5 Reels – 15 Pay Lines
Spins: 15p to £450
Progressive Jackpot: £1,372,142.29
(time of writing article)
Jackpot: 1,500 Coins
Features: Genies Palace, Free Spins, Sticky Wilds, Multipliers

Millionaire Genie, the ultimate progressive jackpot slot is by far the best game at 888. I’ll put that straight on the table. The Genie in the bottle doesn’t get old when its associated jackpot often surpasses £1 million.

With 15 pay lines, a free spins bonus and the “wish and multiplier” Genie’s Palace, Millionaire Genie is a firm favourite with slots players. While most games include free spins, you don’t always get sticky wilds unless you’re playing Millionaire Genie. That can make a huge difference.

You can play to rub the Genie’s lamp from 15p a spin to a maximum bet of £450. This huge betting variable is another reason why it’s so popular. But regardless of betting stake, the progressive jackpot will grow upwards at a rate of 2% and everyone has a chance. And while the progressive jackpot is shared with other 888 games, you can still win 1500 coins as the slots in-play top prize.

How much can you win playing Millionaire Genie?

So how much can you win playing the Millionaire Genie slot? At 15p a spin, 1p a coin, the top payout of 1500 coins would pay out £15.00. If you were to play at the maximum stake of £450 a spin (£30 a coin), the slots jackpot now pays £45,000.

It’s one of the biggest progressive jackpots you can find online!

But at the time of writing this article, the 888 casino progressive jackpot for Millionaire Genie is £1,372,142.29 Now when you look at these numbers, no other paytable comes anywhere near it. That’s why Millionaire Genie is the best slot at 888.

For mystery, enchantment and multipliers when you rub the Genie’s lamp, there is no denying the charm of 888’s ultimate progressive demon!

Number 2 – Jacks Pot

Slotsquad votes Millionaire Genie as the best 888 casino slot Play Now – Get £88 Free No Deposit Needed

Software: 888
Game Design: 5 Reels – 25 Pay Lines
Spins: 25p to £500
Progressive Jackpots: £147,914.81
(time of writing article)
Jackpot: 5,000 Coins
Features: Crystal Rocks, Crystal Jackpots, Multipliers, Amber Sticky Wilds, Free Spins

Jacks Pot is a clever 25 pay line slot that offers 3 progressive jackpots with players able to win one or all of them combined. It’s fast, fun and really weird. I have no idea what Jack is or what the hell is going on, but you can win big playing the Jacks Pot slot.

You can win all three progressive jackpots, that’s a combination of pink, green and amber values!

You can play Jacks Pot from 25p to £500 a spin that suggests high rollers won’t shy away from this one. It’s also progressive with a jackpot currently sitting at £147,914.81, it’s no Millionaire Genie, but it’s decent. And not forgetting that this game has three progressive jackpots, the Crystal Jackpots feature is one of the most sort-after bonuses at If you missed that one, you basically need to trigger the feature to hit those jackpots.

And while crystal jackpots sound exciting, that’s not the only thing that Jack’s mining for. How about crystal rocks? This is the slots free spins bonus with possible amber sticky wilds. Stuff to take away, you can win up to 10 free spins without amber sticky wilds. Or with sticky wilds, you’ll be awarded up to 3 free spins. (It’s because they’re worth more). Multipliers help too, in this game 5 scatters will give you a 30 x multiplier.

How much can you win playing Jacks Pot?

The second best slot at 888 casino features three progressive jackpots

Given the slots 25 pay lines, coin values and spins from 25p to £500, we can work out the jackpot. As the games highest fixed payout prize, you can win 5,000 coins on Jacks Pot. At 25p (1p a coin), you would win £50.00 while high rolling at £500 a spin (£20 a coin) would pay out £100,000.

The slots three progressive jackpots grow as you play and can only be accessed from the Crystal Jackpots bonus feature. Look at my screenshot of the game above, you can see the jackpot values in the top right of the screen.

Jacks Pot is entertaining and there’s plenty on offer in three progressive jackpots, but Millionaire Genie is still in front. With 30 x multipliers and a great sense of humour, we’re crowing this game one of the best slots at 888 casino. If you don’t mind second place, you will love Jack and his crystal munching teeth.

Number 3 – Blood Suckers 2

The second best slot at 888 casino features three progressive jackpots Play Now – Get £88 Free No Deposit Needed

Software: NetEnt
Game Design: 5 Reels – 25 Pay Lines
Spins: 25p to £250
Jackpot: 10,000 Coins
Features: Blood Rose Free Spins, Hidden Treasure Bonus, Random Features

You can’t pick out the best 888 casino slots without mentioning NetEnt, that’s right, they’re here too. And which game, there is only one for me, Blood Suckers 2. In the much-improved sequel to NetEnt’s first vampire slot, this time players join Amilia on her quest into demon territory for hidden treasures.

You can win
Coins on Blood Suckers 2

Blood Suckers 2 is a 25 pay line, 5 reel and 3-row video slot from NetEnt. The theme is horror, it’s creepy and I don’t advise playing it in the dark, but it’s bloody good. In at number 3 in our best 888 slots count up, Blood Suckers II is here for its animation, random rewards and hidden treasure bonus game. On that last one, this is one of the better picks and win games I’ve seen because there are multiple levels with a final win of 1000 coins multiplied by the bet level.

Here’s another one, the Blood Rose Free Spins round is unique in that all bet line wins and scatter wins are multiplied by the x3 multiplier. Basically, if you can handle the terror, this is one of the best pay tables you can find. And if there could be any other reason to play, try 10,000 coins for 5 x wild symbols. So on that note, how much can you win playing?

How much can you win playing Blood Suckers II

Blood Suckers 2 uses 7 different coin values and 10 different bet levels to generate spins of 25p to £250. If playing at 25p a spin, the slots jackpot of 10,000 coins pays out £100. In high rolling territory, £250 spins mean a coin value of £1 and a payout of £10,000. But while that’s the highest prize in the pay table, there’s no limits on what the big multipliers could do for you here.

The best casino slots at 888 include NetEnt Blood Suckers 2

As I like NetEnt and cool animation, Blood Suckers 2 is one of the best slots to play at 888 casino. But the main reasons is atmospheric chill, the high payout rates that NetEnt offer and a multi-level treasure game. Players who find the key will learn to love this bonus, but be careful, there’s a demon lurking in one of the coffins. Even after looking at lots of new slot reviews, this one is still up there.

Number 4 – A Nightmare on Elm Street

Freddy Krueger is one of the top slot games at 888 Casino Play Now – Get £88 Free No Deposit Needed

Software: 888
Game Design: 5 Reels – 30 Pay Lines
Spins: 30p to £300
Jackpot: 2,500 Coins
Features: Pick Me Bonus, Never Sleep Again, Expanding Wilds + Multiplier, 2 Progressive Jackpots

The Freddy Slot at 888 Casino or as its better known, A Nightmare on Elm Street, is still on the list. The exclusive horror title based on Freddy Krueger is 888’s own software and includes a never sleep again bonus. But what’s most appealing is that you can win up to 30 free spins with 5 x scatter symbols (high for a bonus game).

As with the other best slots at 888 casino, there’s an element of ‘pick and win’ included. This involves Freddy appearing on reels 1 and 5 at the same time, you’re then given a choice to choose one of symbols. In prize terms, one is better than the other. Another good point about the pick me bonus is that you can may be awarded more symbols, therefore increasing the total win. A Nightmare on Elm Street is one of the 888 top slot games if you visit the website, so agree with me here.

2 x Progressive Jackpots

Other reasons to play include spins from just 30p, expanding wilds with multipliers and a mini bonus game where you collect cash while avoiding Freddy Krueger. But visit the lobby in 888 casino and it’s obvious why people bet on this game. Not one but two progressive jackpots. The larger currently at £8,863.92 (time of writing this article) known as A Nightmare on Elm Street Jackpot. The smaller is the Freddy Krueger jackpot at £785.98 (time of writing this article). You can win either at any time with the size of your bets influencing your chances of winning.

So not only is the Freddy Slot cheap to play, it’s also a double bubble on the jackpots. Now let’s look at how much you can win by playing a Nightmare on Elm Street.

How much can you win playing a Nightmare on Elm Street?

Paytable showing how much you can win on A Nightmare on Elm Street

I’ve put in a nice screenshot of the slots pay table above to add clarification. Don’t worry, if you don’t win one of the two progressive jackpots, there’s still lots on offer as you can see. If you were playing at 30p a spin (1p a coin), 5 x Kings would pay out £1.50. 4 x Freddy Krueger symbols return £5.00 while the top payout of 2,500 coins is equal to £25.

High rollers who spin the game at £300 a pop can expect much larger numbers. Again using the pay table, £300 a spin (£10 a coin) might win you some of the following prizes: 3 x 10 card symbols = £30, 4 x Nancy symbols = £5000 or the top pay table prize of 2,500 coins now £25,000.

At 4 years old this slot is no spring chicken, but it’s still one of 888 casinos best slots. It’s clunky, scary, dark and not everyone’s cup of tea. Then again you need coffee to avoid Freddy Krueger.

Play the best slots at 888 Casino

It’s not easy ranking the best slot games at 888 but it’s necessary. This is an article that gets re-written when new slots and developers show up at this casino. Over the years we’ve seen an increase in the likes of NetEnt but it’s still good to see 888’s in-house games still dominating the listings. If you want to play the best 888 casino slots, these are four games you won’t want to miss.

Enjoy playing!